How to perform a simple search in ChemSpider

The simple search facility in ChemSpider allows the user to search on names and other common identifiers for chemicals. Users can enter a variety of search terms including:
  • Common names (such as benzene)
  • Systematic names (such as 5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinoline)
  • Synonyms (such as Tosic acid)
  • Trade names (such as paracetamol)
  • Registry numbers (eg. 58-08-2)
  • ChemSpider IDs (CSID 2424)
  • SMILES (n1cccc2ccccc12)
  • InChIs (InChI=1S/C9H7N/c1-2-6-9-8(4-1)5-3-7-10-9/h1-7H)
The procedure for conducting a variety of simple searches in ChemSpider are described below.

Name Search

On the home page there 3 ways to start a name-based search:
  1. Use the search box in the middle of the page
  2. Go to the More Searches menu and select the Simple Search option.
  3. Use the search box that is built into the menu bar (and is displayed on all pages)
a screenshot with arrows to indicate where search boxes and options are located

Screen shot of home page

The Simple Search page


As you type in the search box, ChemSpider presents a list of name that are already in the database that start with that fragment of text. eg Typing pipera presents a number of options including piperazine, which you can select by clicking on the term.